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EVANESCENCE | Bring Me To Life

In honour of Evanescence’s new single (apparently called “What You Want”) being released soon, and a clip being made available on Monday, I am re-posting this EPIC song from 2003, way back when I fell in love with them. Enjoy!

Happy birthday Leona, I wish you all the best in life. Hope you have a brilliant day and enjoy your party. You give me so much joy and happiness and I adore your records and also how caring and supportive you are to animals and and people who need your help. I wish you a wonderful year, with good health, joy and happiness. Really excited about your 3rd album. I will be your fan forever. Your music has inspired so many people around the world.

Take the greatest of care,

love from Paulette xx

Happy Birthday from Huge Canadian Fan…well I’m not actually huge, but i love you and your music…hugely

Hey Leona,

I’m so happy that you have been able to live out your dream and in doing so, you are making the dreams of so many others come true too. As with a few others on this page, you realized my dream when you came to Toronto in November of 2009. Hearing your voice live is magical, and touches the deepest part of your soul. I am longing for it again (so please, please, please come back? we love you over here….hugely).

Enough begging…. I wish you the happiest birthday ever. Keep on living your life to the fullest. You inspire us all, and deserve only the greatest of what life has to offer.

With lots of love,

Miss. M. H



Bday art :P

Made this for you as I couldnt finish my drawing, but I LOVE it, and hope you’ll love it too.
I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and an AMAZING DAY.
May God bless you always.

Love you x

Bon anniversaire :)

Happy B-day the amazing Miss @leonalewismusic ! Have fun and enjoy this very special day. Love <3 Julien :)

Happy Birthday from Spain Leona. I hope u enjoy celebrating it as we enjoy with ur music. Love you!

TeamLeona! :)

Hi Leona! I cannot do much, but I can most certainly leave a message here for you to discover later! :)

LeLe, Happy birthday! Have a lovely one, because you deserve it girl! I’m thankful for your music, because it helped me and my friends a lot when it comes to the most stupid situations! :) I love and will always love you, no matter what.

Happy birthday Leona! :) Xxx

Truckloads of Loveeeeeyyyy,

Clary [From Hong Kong] Xx

Hi Leona,

 Happy Birthday.

I really appreciate your work, personality and sensibility. Both genuine and unique, I love your manners and have a profound respect and admiration for you.. 

You means a lot to me. I feel I have become a very well grounded young man thanks to her influence & I feel I can relate to you on many levels and sincerely feel I will remain an avid fan for the rest of my life.

Have a Great day and Happy B.

Raphael ( from Paris )